Specialist Silicone

Ronsil Silicone Sponge

Ronsil has designed this product for use in silicone sponge extrusions. We specialise in supplying long coil lengths which reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our expanded silicone rubber sponge is available in the following material grades.

RE510 (12 lbs pcf), RE515 (16 lbs pcf)

RE524 (24 lbs pcf), RE533 (33 lbs pcf)

Ronsil Silicone Sheeting

Ronsil's silicone sheeting is the perfect material for use in a high temperature environment.

Our silicone sheeting is Section 12 London Underground approved.

The products can be used in temperatures exceeding +300 Deg C and where a "Zero spread of flame" is required.

Ronsil Vacuum Silicone

Ronsil manufacture vacuum bagging and vacuum forming membranes that perform to a consistently high standard.

The industries served include the military, aerospace and automobile vehicle production.

Ronsil's vacuum silicone is highly elastic and has a high tear strength with great longevity.

Ronsil Anti-Microbial Silicone

Ronsil's innovative anti-microbial silicone is an ideal solution to prevent bacterial growth.

The food industry, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector are ideal candidates for the use of this unique product.

Using this unique material could reduce the risk of outbreaks of lethal bacteria such as MRSA.

Ronsil Silicone Seals and Gadgets

In recent times there has been a widespread concern in the manufacturing industry especially in the food, drink and pharmaceutical sectors in relation to machinery contaminating items in the production process.

Ronsil's silicone gaskets and seals can prevent particles from entering the products during the production process.

Ronsil Silicone Extrusions

Ronsil extrusions and mouldings provide the versatility of silicone rubber and are particularly effective in areas of high temperature.

Ronsil produces extrusions and mouldings in black, white, red and trasnslucent. We can also match colours to suit your requirements.